Crucial Response Records will be releasing the In A Different Place recordings by ONWARD for the first time on vinyl. The CD came out in 1994 when the band broke up for the first time with Torgny Amdam still singing on the recordings. In 1995 Onward came back with a vengeance when they toured with Mainstrike on the "Survive Death" Tour. Trond Saettem took over the vocals, while Torgny was in Amulet by then. There is no release date scheduled since the project is in the early stages. We will provide more informations soon.

After some delays the second pressing of the The Last Pagans by SHIPWRECKED will be out by end of August/ early September. You can still pre-order both colors in gold and blue vinyl. All folks who ordered a grey copy will get instead one on gold vinyl. Shipwrecked played some shows lately and will be playing a show in Oslo in September.

We still have the CRUCIAL RESPONSE CATALOG from last year available. It contains all releases which are in stock right now. Please note: we have a huge Crucial Response Blow Out Sale on all DVD/ CD's at a very cheap price. For ordering please click here.

I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of Martin Funderud. My deepest condolences to family & friends. You will be not forgotten brother! Rest in Power.

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